The Ultimate Startup Blueprint

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The Ultimate Startup Blueprint

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Starting a business? This is the ULTIMATE guide for you! You will learn priceless information based on REAL world experience, practical theory and insights gathered from some of the best industry experts! Including: 

  • Finding the RIGHT ideas worth pursuing
  • Using free prototypes to save 5 figures
    and YEARS of work 
  • Rapidly creating a business plan
  • Nailing the operations  
  • Setting up and covering yourself legally
  • Getting a grip on your finances
  • How and when to build your team
  • In depth marketing tactics and strategies
  • Strategy, execution and sustaining momentum
  • FREE downloadable templates & checklists
  • SO MUCH MORE! (Like a LOT more!)

If you want to start a business then you NEED this guide. So what are you waiting for? Get it today!

"In the process of starting my business, there were quite a few things I never knew about or had much interest in until I read this book. It has made me get on top of a lot of things in regards to starting my own company. Love it!" - Carl S

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BONUS DOCUMENTS                                  

  • Action List
  • Development Scope Template
  • Budget Template
  • Balance Sheet Template
  • Pitch Deck Template
  • Press Release Template
  • User Persona Template
  • User Lifecycle Template
  • Blog Content Templates 
  • Blog & Social Media Checklists