The Exceptions is a young business community for local entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and go getters. For everyone that believes we are not born just to pay bills and die.



We want to discover local entrepreneurs, dreamers and likeminded individuals. You don't need a business, we welcome all of those that want to step up their game and surround themselves with a supportive community. 



We bring people together to educate, motivate, and expand their network. We believe the true value in life and business comes from human relationships, and your circle of influence. Meet new people and create new things!



Together we can grow and truly make spectacular things. By building a network of professionals, you can leverage relationships to create opportunities you may never have had otherwise.



We will leave our footprint through collaboration & innovation.

The Exceptions is a community of movers and shakers, welcoming anyone who believes that we are not born just to pay bills and die. People who don't want to take the 'traditional' route. We have a wonderful network, and if you're like us then we can't wait to have you join us! We welcome those who want to grow their network, learn valuable knowledge and be motivated by our content. Together we can build spectacular things. By connecting and collaborating, we support entrepreneurship and business, as well as increasing innovation and economic contribution in Australia.

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