Why Being an Entrepreneur is Awesome

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but if you're reading this, it's likely that it's up your alley! Let me tell you why being an entrepreneur rules.

Let me just start by saying, that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It's hard, it's stressful, and it can be lonely and frustrating... but it's also the most rewarding, fulfilling, exciting and addictive path there is, and I cannot possibly imagine ever doing anything else. 

Also, being an entrepreneur is different from being a freelancer. You can read why in my article about this here. Entrepreneurs build businesses bigger than themselves, with huge scalability.

It Can Reap Astronomical Rewards
By being an entrepreneur and having a successful startup, you can create more businesses, wealth and change in the world bigger than you ever imagined. By living in the technology age, you are now able to reach literally BILLIONS of people all around the world. Hit the right nail on the head, and your life can change forever...

It's Extremely Exciting. 
Entrepreneurship is packed full of excitement, passion, hard lessons and uncertainty. Obviously it's risky doing a startup, but that's part of the journey! And how is life meant to be fun without a bit of uncertainty? There is so much energy in a fast paced business, that even when it's going bad, the whole overall process is exciting. 

You Learn a Lot, and FAST!
First of all - Entrepreneurship cannot be taught via textbooks. You need to just jump in and do it, and the great thing about doing a startup is that you learn so much, about a variety of different subjects. I personally think that having a broad knowledge is much more valuable than being so tremendously over specialised in one subject. This is where another argument comes in... Is having a 'safe' job, really that 'safe'?. If you lose that job, or if that industry goes under... then what? 

It's Incredibly Fulfilling. 
Pulling off a startup, despite the endless stream of challenges, uncertainty, haters and everything else, is the best feeling ever. The journey is also just as fulfilling, creating those memories and building an empire. Many millionaires and billionaires will tell you they miss the days of working out of a garage or a bedroom. This matter: it's important to enjoy the journey more than the 'stuff'. As in, the process of building a company, rather than just doing it to buy fancy things.

Once You Do It, You'll Never Look Back
Working a 9 - 5 is my worst nightmare. Once you go into business for yourself and you feel not only the freedom and excitement of the entrepreneurial game, you also realise that you can live such an extraordinary life by getting out of the rat race. Life is not about paying bills and dying. Yes it's hard, and yes people might think you're crazy, but once you get a taste you'll realise you never want to go back, and this is what you will want to do for the rest of your life. 

You Can Start Immediately.
One of the coolest things about entrepreneurship is that you don't need a degree or years of education to be one. You can literally start right now. That being said, don't be a wantrepreneur. If you walk around saying you're an entrepreneur but you aren't actually doing anything, you're embarrassing the rest of us! Less talk more action! 

You Can Work Around Your Schedule
Working for yourself means you have a more flexible schedule. To be honest you'll probably be working every waking moment anyway, but at least you can take a break whenever you like. You can also do it from almost anywhere with internet! Including bed! I've spent many days smashing out work in pyjamas!


These are just a few of the great reasons I recommend entrepreneurship.  So, are you ready to start your entrepreneurial journey? Let us help you along the way! Join the community and we can grow together. CHANGE THE WORLD!


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