Tips on Relocating Your Business

Small businesses often need to move a lot during their lifetime. This is sometimes because there’s a need to go where the customers are and to find new markets for your business and, in other cases, it’s simply a matter of expansion and growth.

However, relocation can sometimes be difficult because it requires you to organize the business on both addresses at the same time. This should be done in an organized manner in order to avoid the confusion for both the customers and the business associates.

The employees

The most important part of any company is the employees that run the business from the ground up. They should be the first priority when the company is moving. You should start hiring the new staff before the move so everything is in place when the new location is up and running.

In countries as large and diverse as Australia, this can be especially complicated. That’s why you should also hire a team that would handle the coordination between the two offices. There’s also the option of asking some of the employees to move with the company if that’s a possible solution for them. The company should assist in this whenever it can.

Create a timetable

Having a clear timetable for the move can be helpful for everyone involved. This allows you to create timeframes for each stage of the process. That way, you can move the essential parts of your company first and build on it. 

It’s also useful to have this timetable (or parts of it) public so that everyone that depends on your company can organize accordingly. For instance, when you move to Sydney from Melbourne, you should have a date set up for both opening the new office and closing the old one as that will help both the customers and everyone involved with your company.


There’s no way around the fact that relocation is expensive. It takes money to organize the process and the confusion in your day-to-day tasks will also cause some shrinkage. This is something you need to factor in before the move.

Start by creating a list of services you plan to use and what will cost to utilize them. This is the easiest part. It will be harder to calculate all the costs that will be doubled during the move.

Cleaning up

This process is complicated and involves a lot of people. Whenever such a project is undertaken, there is always a lot of waste that’s left behind. It’s something that you should take care of and leave the office as you have found it.

Sometimes, it’s best to hire a professional for rubbish removal in Sydney. Organizing your own trucks in such a large and busy city will be too costly and can cause quite a disturbance. Professionals are an additional cost but they are also invaluable.

Valuable info

Every company needs to store some sensitive data about the customers, budgets, and the conducting of the business itself. This data needs to be relocated as well. These days, most of it is on servers and your job is to find the company that will store them at the new location while providing the same quality of infrastructure and security.

The data that’s stored in a traditional way, using papers, should be moved separately from the rest of the office and it’s best if the business owners or managers do it themselves. 

Relocating a company can be an expensive and complicated task. It’s best to plan for it and to do it in stages. 



Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in marketing and latest business technologies. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.