The ONE Thing That Will Change Your Life and How to Leverage It

Hey guys - it's Mitch here. I want to tell you a short story about something absolutely critical that I have learned throughout my years.

Recently I achieved a big goal and paid back all my personal debt. Something I had been working on for 2 years straight. Something with a long journey, a journey that required no days off and a harsh slap in the face from reality, forcing me to admit to myself that the project I had spent the last 2 years of my life on, along with 6 figures of my live savings and more borrowed money from my own family, didn't work. That I let them down. And that I failed.

But you know what?

I love it. And I would do it all over again.

But how is that possible? How can you lose that much money and 'waste' that much time, and still think you came out on top? This is where the ONE thing that I am talking about comes in... 

That one thing is VISION. If you want to succeed in life, both personally, financially and physically, you must have a BIG, overarching vision. A large vision is a dream, a big audacious goal, something that is so compelling you think about it every single day. Something that PULLS you towards it, instead of having to PUSH yourself through work you don't even care about.

If the last business I did was my only plan, I would be completely depressed. But I know that is a fundamental stepping stone to getting there one day, and that I cannot get there without taking risks and learning along the way. So it doesn't even phase me. I had to work relentlessly to pay it back, but I have, and now it's onto the next thing. Not even time to celebrate - it's time to keep going. Because this is not the end, this is only the beginning.

There are 3 powerful things that a large vision will do for you:

1. It allows you to make smart decisions. 

Life is full of distractions. Some of them are very attractive distractions that fight for your attention, and will try to pull you away from your real goals. Your vision will keep you focused. Anytime you are forced with a decision you can ask yourself: "Does this help me get to where I want to be?" If yes, do it. If no, don't do it. It's as simple as that.


2. It allows you to keep grinding.

Steve Jobs once said 'you have to do what you are passionate about because it's so hard that if you don't, any rational person would give up'.  This is incredibly true. A vision is so meaningful, something you are so passionate about that it cannot be killed, no matter what happens or what anyone says. It's something that gets you out of bed when you don't want to, that makes you keep going when you want to stop, that forces you to continue hustling even when life knocks you down and people tell you that it can't be done. 


3. It allows you to filter out all the bullshit and get to work.

When you have a vision and you are on a mission, you don't have time to screw around. Having this compelling goal will allow you to quickly and easily get rid of anybody or anything that tries to hold you back, pull you down or get in the way. 

My vision is so heavily drilled into my brain that it has become a part of me and it is bulletproof. No matter what happens or what anybody says, does or feels, I will keep going until I get there. I think that this is my biggest asset, and I want you to have it too. If you haven't got that relentless drive and mission yet, here's how you can find it with 3 simple steps.

Step One

Ask yourself: If money and time were unlimited, what would you do with your life? Who would you help? What would create? What would you buy? 

Step Two

Dig deep and ask yourself WHY you want those things. Money has no real value - it's just paper and numbers. It's the freedom you can create and the difference you can make WITH that money that is tangible. So ask yourself, WHY do I want that much money? WHY do I want to help those people? WHY do I want to do that career? When you know the reasons BEHIND your tangible goals, you will become truly motivated and have a true purpose.

Step Three

Reverse engineer a plan to get there. Start at the top (the end goal) and work your way backwards to today. This will turn a lofty dream into a step by step process that can be started literally right now. Like this:

  • What's my ultimate goal? (My vision).
  • What's my 20 year goal?
  • What's my 10 year goal?
  • What's my 5 year goal? 
  • What's my 12 month goal?
  • What's my 6 month goal?
  • What's my 3 month goal?
  • What's my goal for this week?
  • What can I do RIGHT now to achieve my 1 week goal?

This allows you to work your way up until you reach the top, started today. Now get STARTED! 

Step Four

Imagine yourself having it. Close your eyes and literally see yourself living your dream as if the vision was 100% real, right now. Picture it. Feel it. Absorb it. Do this at least once a week (once a day if you can) before the start of each day, and it will create a send of drive and a work ethic like you've never experienced before.

I strongly encourge you to do this if you haven't already. A strong vision is the one biggest contributing factor to anything I have done in my life. And I want you to have your own vision too! Feel free to share your vision with me and I'd love to hear it!

All the best,

Mitch Hills