How to Select the Right Visitor Management System

Ask any company representative and they will tell you that security is on the list of their top priorities. Nobody wants random people walking in and out of their premises without any surveillance or monitoring. It is for this reason that choosing the right visitor management system has to run with several considerations in mind.

Is it user-friendly?

User-friendliness is one of the criteria that your visitors will benefit from the most. Whatever the system you pick, make sure it has a simplified interface that can be used easily. When a visitor is about to check in, the process shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds of their time. Customizing your visitor management system with your brand name and logo is also important because visitors checking in will instantly associate that space with your company.

Does it integrate with third-party systems?

Not all systems have the ability to integrate with third-party systems and those that have this feature bring security to the next level. They can alert security teams whenever a high-risk visitor is about to enter the building because these systems allow implementing watchlists which prevent on-site disruption. On top of that, any guests with restricted access are supervised based on their guest profiles and this access control integration monitors visitors’ movement during their stay.

Is it compliant with the industry’s rules?

Quality VM systems will allow you to keep digital records and store information which guests leave upon the visitor registration. These databases are crucial because more and more industries are making these requirements which will ensure that valuable information like names and signatures can be accessed in cases of legal investigations. The systems are able to alert security teams when a visitor stays within the premises longer than anticipated and declared upon reception so this feature can be extremely useful in keeping security at a high level.

Is it resourceful?

Implementing a visitor management system is not only a matter of security. Better yet, these systems can extract and analyze data in order to improve your business performance. For example, the information it gathers about the frequency of visits and the flow of guests arriving or leaving the site can significantly enhance the space utilization. Even if you are monitoring multiple sites simultaneously, advanced VM systems allow managing guest dashboards from a central location.

What about the cost?

Luckily, there are many options to choose from, even when you want to implement enterprise systems or go with something on a tight budget. It will all depend on the site you want to cover and your bank account. For example, if you want to stay on budget, utilize time-expiring badges which change color after the allocated time for a visit expires. On the other hand, enterprise-level systems have the ability to integrate with access control systems which have advanced settings and features.

Finally, the sooner you realize your company needs a visitor management system, the better. Although many companies shy away from these solutions because they seem too complicated and high-maintenance, the reality speaks volumes in their favor. Not only will you optimize the site for maximum visitor experience but you will also protect your employees and everyone on the premises.



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