Millennial Office Guide: Responding to the Needs of a New Age Workforce

Every generation of employees requires something new from their workspace, work environment and colleagues, which means the trends and tendencies of office organization are constantly changing. However, everyone is always looking for one basic thing that separates successful businesses from their counterparts, and that’s productivity. This is also something the Millennials are insisting on the most nowadays, and you need to adapt your workspace to their needs and wishes if you want them to be productive. Luckily, this isn’t as hard to do as it seems, so here’s how the new generations of employees are dictating the trends of office organization and what you can do in response.


Let them play

Let’s face it – the Millennials might be the best employees in the world, but they’re still young and wild people who just want to have fun from time to time. And it’s an employer’s job to let them explore their wild side but in a controlled and safe environment. 

You can do basically whatever you want – from setting up a game room to organizing a casual Friday – as long as it makes them happy but be sure to incorporate some team-building into it as well. Discovering engaging activities that boost your staff’s desire to work and spend some time with their colleagues might not be the easiest thing in the world but give it a shot anyways.


Work on your deadlines

Even though most people think that the Millennials are lazy, irresponsible and uncommitted to their job, the truth is quite the opposite: they’re actually the same as all the generations before them! What they do have a problem with, however, are deadlines and schedules, especially if they’re too strict, which is why you need to readjust your professional policy regarding these issues. 

What might work is encouraging your staff to complete their assignments for the week by Thursday instead of Friday, for instance, but still giving them enough time to correct their mistakes or finish everything off by late Friday afternoon. This way, they’ll have enough time to get things done, but without the pressure.


Boost productivity

If you want your staff to be productive, you need to provide them with perfect working conditions – from enough office space to a decent salary. These things are going to make them happier and more prepared to bring their A-game every day of the week. One thing the Millennials are very passionate about is eco-friendliness, so you should include as much greenery into their offices as possible, as well as some clean air. 

In order to do so, the employers should explore reliable air purifier ratings and choose the ones that will be the most suitable for their staff. After all, only properly ventilated office space will allow them to do their best, so keep in mind that fresh air is essential for productivity.


Regular feedback

Due to some reason unknown to older generations, the Millennials are huge fans of feedback and they actually expect it on a daily basis – of course, they prefer constructive feedback, good comments, and positive reinforcement, but can find some satisfaction in negative criticism as well. The reason for this unusual behavior is their age: most Millennials have just finished their education and are used to being told what they’re doing right or wrong day after day, so don’t forget to include this in your weekly and monthly reports. 

Turning your office into a safe space where the Millennials can expect to hear what’s good about the way they work and what needs to be improved isn’t an easy process, but it’s ultimately going to establish better communication between every single member of your workforce, which is what all managers are striving towards.


Treat your employees

Working all day long and making their bosses rich isn’t the only thing the Millennials were dreaming of in their childhood, so you should offer them some pleasure as well. Sometimes even the simplest things can make them happier than you’ve imagined, so giving out free gym memberships and spa treatments – don’t forget that workplace wellness is now more important than ever – as well as movie tickets and bottles of wine won’t just show how amazing you are, but you’re also going to tell those Millennials that you actually care about them and their well-being. 


Turning your office into a space where every single person you employ can feel respected, valued and love is of the utmost importance for every business, especially if it hires a significant number of Millennials. Giving them a chance to show their skills and prove their worth in a stimulating and productive environment is the only way to make a difference in today’s economy, so start appreciating your Millennials and changing your office space in accordance with their needs as soon as possible!

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