Five Kick Ass Marketing Blogs You Should Follow to Grow Your Business for Free

Why learn things the hard way at your own expense when you can get FREE advice from some of the industry's best? There are plenty of blogs that offer content and advice that would even be worth paying for, and you can access it from anywhere. As to not overwhelm you, here are 5 of my favourites to check out for rockstar content, updated regularly and presented beautifully! 

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I use SumoMe's traffic growth plug ins on every website I create, but something else that is almost just as useful is their blog. Not only are the articles topics that you actively want to know about, they are incredibly detailed and practical. They are usually very large posts, but they are mixed in with practical steps and witty humour, making it very easy to read. 


If you've ever Google'd anything about marketing, you've probably landed on Hubspot's page at some time or another. These guys are the experts when it comes to content creation, digital marketing and lead generation. They have awesome content that is split into Marketing and Sales. Choose either category and you'll be presented with a database of valuable content.

They also offer a STACK of incredibly useful and free downloadable materials. Templates, tutorials, cheat sheets, free eBooks and more. Check them out.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of the all time greats when it comes to marketing. Author of amazing books like Linchpin, Tribes, Permission Marketing, Purple Cow and many more, he regularly shares his unmatched wisdom and thoughts on 'Seth's Blog'. Definitely visit his page to see what he's talking about now, and check out his books if you haven't already.

Buffer Social

Buffer is a great social media management and scheduling platform, and although there are some solid competitors (like Hootsuite, Sprout and Edgar), Buffer has my favourite blog. They share such useful information on social media and online marketing that you will absolutely gain value from. They also have a blog on development and productivity, but today I am recommending Buffer Social. Everything about buffer from its app to its brand to its blog is all so clean and beautiful to look at. This makes their blog even more enjoyable. 


Moz is a popular SEO platform that improves your online visibility for your business, and they offer just as much value with their articles. If you want to know about SEO - these guys are the go to!

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Learn from the experts - just these five blogs will give you so much powerful information to grow your business for free! Did I miss your favourite? Post it in the comments. I also recommend checking out my other blog on Mastered Marketing, with practical marketing tips on all things small business. Happy reading!