How to Create a Productive Working Environment for Your Growing Startup

So, your startup idea has started to gain momentum? Lucky you. Now’s the time to find an appropriate HQ for your business, from which the seeds of your creativity can grow and flourish. Let’s take a few steps towards a healthy office space that can grow along with your business. 

The definition of an office

In the beginning, there’s no need for a fully corporate-style office. Instead, your priority should be placed on creating amazing products/services that will sell. If you have a basement, you can adapt it to be your office for the time being. When your business starts to expand, you’re likely going to rent a larger office to support it.   

What is that you need?

When you’ve worked out the logistic behind your operation, you can start thinking what kind of workspace suits your current business model and your budget. A rented desk at a co-working space or an office at a business incubator is a good idea if it’s the office buzz that inspires you and keeps you focused. These co-working spaces channel the resources of many startups and micro-businesses, giving you’re the access to a pool of resources and ideas you might not be able to afford to work alone. 

Designing startup interior

If you opt for an self-managed office space, in the early stage you don’t need more than a quiet meeting room, an area where you can take phone and Skype calls and a separate, chill out space where people can enjoy their lunch and rest for a bit. Most importantly, contemporary office design shows that quality doesn’t have to mean high cost. Leading office design companies often employ a lean business model that eliminates the overhead costs and is focused on working collaboratively with clients to achieve the optimum outcome.   

Getting down to business

As your business takes momentum, your requirements will expand, as well. According to Giorgio Cassella from Tutora, super-comfy chairs are a foundation of a successful business. If your team needs to spend a good chunk of the day inside, a plush seating will make everyone happy. However, you also need reliable tools of the trade such as desktops, a printer, Wi-Fi and many other essentials that your team needs to get the job done. And if can’t fit a whiteboard anywhere, outline a wall drawing area with some chalkboard paint and masking tape. 

Keeping everyone happy

Apart from functional and comfortable, your office needs to be inspiring and encouraging. Have an accent wall done, or invest in some quirky wall art. Today there’s a huge incentive towards green offices and much was written about the benefits of natural elements in a working space. Also, don’t forget a lounge room, where your team can catch a break, have lunch or coffee, or simply relax and take their minds off work.   

Healthy workplace habits

Being productive doesn’t mean working from nine to five on full throttle. A study from Baylor University shows that employees return to their work-related tasks more energized if they engage in activities they prefer during the break. For some, it will be calling family, for others a quick walk outdoors. Reduce the workplace stress by eliminating push and pop-up notifications. Unless you’re a high-powered stockbroker or on-call dental surgeon, these notifications are only distractions. 

As your company grows, you’ll realize that a makeshift backroom office or a shared desk at a co-working space just isn’t enough. Luckily, with a bit of creativity and effort, along with some professional help, you’re bound to design an office space that will fit both your needs and budget.