How Can a Good Office Design Benefit Your Brand?

The cornerstone of good office design is functionality. A workspace must support daily work patterns, provide ample storage space, and include all the necessary features to help everyone get the job done. At the same time, there are many fine layers that aid companies in translating their branded vision into reality. 

Namely, brand messages are not only delivered via packaging, marketing, and website design. Your offices speak volumes about who you are as a business. Therefore, you have a chance to witness your brand coming alive somewhere between those four walls and possessing people who spend their time there.




Success by design

Office design is one of the most tangible levels on which brand identity manifests. This dimension has the power to projects the external branded message, via business ambassadors - the workers, and the look and layout of the premises. And on a deeper level, office design can be aligned with an organizational structure and internal communication strategy of the company. 

For instance, if a company takes pride in open lines of communication and wants to cultivate lively collaboration, then an open office plan is a layout that best forwards these practices. There are various advantages to this design concept, although the cons involve increased noise levels and reduced privacy. Therefore, weigh your options carefully. 




Brave new corporate workspace

Note that branding the environment does not require you to just slap company logo on the walls and paint everything in the colors of your website. Yes, thinking your color palette through and incorporating brand insignia is a step in the right direction, but there are many more steps to follow. What is commonly perceived as conventional corporate branding is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Try not to take everything literally and notice that words and images are just a fraction of what is possible. So, don’t stop at showcasing meaningful historic imagery and inspirational quotes. There are many other ways to promote awareness and spread knowledge. Think outside the box, or to be more precise, beyond the sterile cubicle that is the traditional corporate office. 

Its days are numbered, at least in the part of modern business that is leading the race. Forward-thinking businesses have demonstrated that there are numerous elements that allow you to put together a stimulating ambiance: office furniture, fixtures, lighting fittings, wall art, plants and greenery, fabrics, textures, digital installations, meeting spaces, and other amenities. 

It should also be said that corporate environments are under heavy influence from home design. The lines between the two are blurred, with offices borrowing many elements that ooze comfort and warmth.  So, feel free to add cozy rugs, bean bags, comfortable sofas, and other features that enable people to feel good, have casual interactions, and unwind. 



Ahead of the curve

As you may notice, you don’t have to be a corporate giant like Google and spend a fortune on designing huge, state-of-the-art offices. 

You can start small and gradually introduce various design and décor elements. And rest assured that the investment will be more than worth it. It has been proven that an uplifting and well-designed space increases the levels of creativity and spurs ideation and cooperation. It ignites inspiration within people and generates a sense of belonging to the company. 

Furthermore, modern employees, especially those who belong to the millennial population, highly value strong business culture and stunning workplace design, sometimes ranking them above financial perks (salary).  They adore the idea of working in a company that upholds its values and offers amazing amenities, like chill-out areas and bars available to workers. 



A self-fulfilling prophecy of success

Finally, let’s not forget that office design impacts workers’ health and wellbeing. 

Recent studies have established that 54% of workers think that their office environment doesn’t support their wellbeing. This can have morale-shattering effects. On the other hand, if you mean to improve productivity across the board, you first have to improve the experience and satisfaction of employees. This enables businesses to enhance retention rates and attract top talent. 


Therefore, don’t miss your chance to turn an office into a physical embodiment of a positive workplace culture. Let it sink into the minds of employees and empower them to never lose sight of values and goals that guide them. The ultimate goal is to create an immersive brand experience for anyone who works at or visits your offices. This has a profound impact on your image, reputation, and ultimately, success. 


Reaching new heights

Make no mistake: the benefits of a branded work environment are many and far-reaching. To reap them, embrace a creative, branded approach to office design. Implement it as an integral part of a wider strategy. 

When your workers or clients steps inside, they should embark on a short journey through what your brand is about and what it stands for. Learn how to tell a unique story about where the business comes from and where it aspires to be in the future. 

That way, you will be able to harness the full power of an engaged and motivated workforce. A good time to start would be now: capture the essence of your brand with your workplace design and elevate your business in 2018. 


Lana Hawkins
Editor-in-Chief, Smooth Decorator