3 Strategies to Get WAY More Leads from Your Website

Want to generate more sales online? Who doesn’t. There’s no one trick or golden bullet to becoming successful in business and marketing - it’s a lot of little things added together to create a lucrative business model. It starts with the first touch points that potential customers have with your business, and quite often, that is your website! Here are three things you can do today to make your website work for you and get more leads.

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1. Less stuff.

Every day I see websites that are a total mess. There’s just stuff everywhere, it’s like a digital bomb went off. The 'right' amount of info and design obviously depends on the industry and the business, but more often than not, less is more. I often see people's logic of ‘we don’t know what people might need, so let’s put EVERYTHING on there so we can help anyone’. But it doesn’t work. It’s overwhelming and frustrating. 

I’m not saying delete any content. Your site should have all of the information a customer could possibly need, BUT it shouldn’t be all at once. It should be in the right places. A great website has all of that content, and it is easy to find the information IF they want it. Here's some practical design tips:

  • Use your home page as a ‘summary’ of your business, that shows the main highlights, and allows people to go deeper if they want to.
  • Have all the main, relevant tabs in the top menu bar, so it’s easy to find information.
  • When they find the information they're looking for, make it super easy to read and understand. If there's a lot of text, break it up with headings and paragraphs. If visual aids will be useful, include images. 
  • ALWAYS put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Who are they? What are they looking for? Why are they on your website? If they’re looking for something in particular, is it easy to find? Or is there a billion different options on the home page that gives people a headache? NEVER force people to search for key information. 
  • Include your MAIN call to action all over the site. If you want people to call you, make your phone number obvious. If you want people to buy products, make the BUY button obvious. If you want people to do a backflip - make the 'do a backflip' flashing banner obvious…. okay maybe not.

2. Have an Opt - In Offer.

One of the most effective ways to generate more leads online is with a ‘Lead Magnet’. This is something you give away for free, in exchange for an email address or personal information. The keys to making these work are: 

  • Focus on what the ideal visitor to your website wants. For example, my business Mastered Marketing helps small businesses grow. So I have an opt in called ‘5 Kick Ass Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget’. I also do a lot of personal branding, so I made one called ‘How to Build a SUPERCHARGED Personal Brand’. These are things that my TARGET customer WANTS to know and WILL likely claim in exchange for their email. Check out what your competition is doing to get ideas.
  • Choose the type of opt-in. Following on from my last point, choose an offering that is most relevant to the customer. It might be a book, a video series, a checklist, a tutorial or something else that's handy. If you’re in eCommerce it might be a discount coupon. There’s a long list of options, just choose something your customers WANT.
  • Balance the value of your offering with what you are asking. For example: as a website visitor, I’d give my email for an eBook. If it asks for my name, phone number, email and post code, that’s a bit too much, because it’s the perceived value isn’t high enough for me. If you’re giving away a $300 voucher for first-time customers, then you might ask them for more. Decide what you are giving away, and what they should do to claim it, and make it realistic. No point having an amazing lead magnet if nobody claims it!
  • Give something that is genuinely valuable. You’re giving it away for free, but it should legitimately be worth money. If you just have 'subscribe for updates' I'll throw a banana at you if I see you.
  • Use a floating pop up plugin (like SumoMe's List Builder) to make it show up on your website. Then, direct traffic to your website with useful content (like blog articles and videos), and then this lead magnet will show up to each visit. Create traffic and then convert it! 

By the way, email marketing is NOT dead. Even though it’s a bit old school and the open rates have radically dropped since it’s prime, it is still an incredibly effective form of marketing, and a lot of value lies in a big, targeted mailing list. 

3. Narrow your target market.

If you try to get everyone, you’ll get no one. Don’t be scared to go niche, even if you’re doing something weird, because the people that are into that weird thing, LOVE that weird thing! If you specialise in something and you do it better than anyone else, you’ll get more engaged, loyal, and profitable customers. (I made a video about this in action, when something crazy happened at a comedy show I went to once - check it out below) 


If you’re a ‘jack of all trades’ business right now, pick the ONE thing that makes up 80% of your revenue and do THAT. If you’re in eCommerce selling a list of products but your t-shirts are by far the most popular, become an amazing t-shirt company. If you’re a photographer and 80% of your jobs come from weddings, become a wedding photography specialist. This is a HUGE piece of advice that I recommend to almost anyone.

My marketing company is a perfect example. The word ‘marketing’ is so incredibly open ended, it could be 100 different things. AdWords and CPC advertising, web design, social media, graphic design, PR, Facebook advertising, copywriting… the list goes on and on. BUT! I spend 80% or more of my time focusing on helping real estate agents grow their business through personal branding and social media marketing. That’s a niche service that not many people are doing. So, if you’re a real estate agent and want to grow your business, you’d probably choose the company that specialises in exactly that, with experience helping other people just like you, rather than the company that does a bit of everything.

Put it this way: Let's say your business is in serious trouble due to a lawsuit. Do you want the lawyer who kind of does a bit of everything, or do you want the Harvey Spectre of business law, who focuses 100% on situations like yours, has helped hundreds of other people like you and is the best at what he does? I know which one I’d want…

.  .  .

Like I said at the start, there is no magic bullet to success in business. However, these three tips will make a big difference, and I’m certain they will give you some form of positive results. If you want to grow your business and need a hand, you can reach me any time, just click here to email me!