Foundr Flies Past Kickstarter Goal for the 'Entrepreneur's Bible'

Foundr is a fast-growing online magazine for entrepreneurs, and they're now launching a physical book that puts together all of their best work to date. From practical business tips to interviews with business legends like Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin and many more. They've flown past their goal of $50,000 to create this book on Kickstarter, and it will be launching in April 2017.

It's titled 'Foundr V1.0: Lessons From The Greatest Entrepreneurs Today' where you'll get access to the top lessons, tips, and advice from the world's greatest entrepreneurs compiled into one beautifully designed book. They've interviewed the world's leading entrepreneurs and written everything down to put it all together for people like us! Foundr Version 1.0 is a coffee table book that contains nothing but actionable tips, strategies and advice from world-changing individuals. 

Split into 7 comprehensive chapters, it will cover everything from starting a business, building a team, raising capital and personal interviews  — but it's not a simple collection of mumbo-jumbo interviews where you dig for useful little nuggets of gold: they've broken it down to deliver the stuff you actually need to know immediately. Things like how Joel Gascoigne took an idea to a product with paying customers in just seven weeks and went on to hit 1 million users. Or how Zipcar created a revolutionary business model in the early days of the sharing economy and challenged the concept of car ownership, rising to become a world leader in transportation.

So if you're interested in getting your hands on this baby, donate to their Kickstarter campaign here and get it early next year! Happy learning!