A Healthy Approach to Team Building

A healthy office environment is one of the pillars of business success. In order to enjoy the benefits of a rock-solid team, your employees need to establish healthy bonds between each other and the best way to achieve this is through team building. These events are extremely efficient in promoting team spirit and boosting overall morale and motivation, no matter how trivial and even borderline ridiculous they might seem.

Organizing team building events

The first step towards creating a successful event of this type is naturally, the planning. Taking on things as they come simply won’t work here. First of all, you need to come up with a budgetary plan; no matter how awesome of an idea you may have, you might not be able to afford it. Then comes purpose setting: ask yourself, what kind of a team building event does your office need the most? You also have to call up ahead and make all the necessary reservations – venues, hotels, motels, etc. and deal with a variety of details. This is exactly why event planners earn so much on planning team building events; you should not refrain from forking out an extra buck on hiring a professional here. Of course, taking the matters into your own capable hands is always an option; just make sure that you plan everything ahead with diligence and dedication.

Solving problems

The essence of the vast majority of workdays consists of dealing with issues that arise as a part of a typical day at the office, and your team needs to be comfortable with dealing with these problems alongside their comrades. This is why problem-solving team exercises are very popular in the world of business. The best way to plan out an exercise of this type is to create an imaginary, yet plausible situation that relates to your team’s work. Your team should then work towards solving these, as this is an awesome practice scenario for everyone involved. These exercises are even useful for you, in order to get familiarized with each team member’s problem-solving style and the ways they cope under pressure.

Organizing team building excursions

The best way to get everyone involved comfortable with each other is to have them spend a few days together, in a remote location. This way, they’ll get to know each other on a more personal level and have fun while traveling together. This will strengthen the bond between your team members, but you can rest assured that it is in no way easy to accomplish. Get creative here; think short cruises or thrilling snow bus trips – there are many ideas out there that are more exciting than traveling by a regular coach.

Avoiding leaving anyone out

One of the most difficult parts of organizing a fun team building event is catering to everyone’s preferences. This is why stuff such as video gaming and sports might not be the best idea here. Sure, the vast majority of your team might enjoy sports and/or video games, but if someone happens to feel left out and ends up standing aside, looking at their phone and pouting, well, you didn’t do a very good job at team building, now did you? Aim at events that are moderately fun for everyone (such as hiking or pool) and emphasize communication over focusing on the activity in question.

Putting an emphasis on fun

There is one thing that’s common for every properly planned team building event – the aspect of fun; if you get too caught up in the planning process, this might slip your mind. Moreover, this aspect is very difficult to feel out, and this is where your entrepreneurship skills kick in: you need to be empathetic; focusing on your team’s common wants and needs! Put yourself in their shoes; think about what might be fun for them. Above all, make sure that you’re having fun too – if you are enjoying yourself, chances are that your team will follow in suit.

A well-organized, purposeful team building event is a successful one; this is your goal. Whether it’s a trip or a game of trivia at a bar, you need to make things entertaining for your employees – always remember that putting an emphasis on fun is exactly what drives team building success.


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