The 7 Highest Paying Jobs for Women in 2018

Despite how progressive we think the modern world is, the fact of the matter is that the gender wage gap still exists, and it’s still very pervasive in many industries. While whether or not and when this complex and inconvenient issue is going to be abolished remains a subject of debate, there are certain fields where women are not only dominant in numbers, but also earn very competitive wages. With this in mind, we’ve outlined a list of seven high-paying jobs for women.


Human resources manager

These experts focus on recruiting, interviewing and hiring new members for a company. Although the mentioned are their primary focus, they may be tasked and be involved with other parts of employee relations, such as payroll, benefits and training. In order to do their job, a human resources worker must have qualities and knowledge that will allow them to handle potential workplace conflict and disputes.

Women in this position earn around $1,300 per week.


Purchasing manager

This position is a bit less popular, but also comes with the weekly paycheck in the ballpark of $1,300. Essentially, a purchasing manager is tasked with planning, giving orders, controlling and overseeing product transactions; all with for the sake of organization and/or resale oversight. These experts evaluate suppliers’ quality and reliability, as well as interview them, review product quality, negotiate, monitor and evaluate contracts, manage the purchasing team, do prize quotation analyses and perform site visits on behalf of the organization they work for.

A bachelor’s degree in accounting, business or purchasing and supplies is required for this position, as well as a master’s degree in economics or similar fields.


Physical therapist

A rewarding job for those of you who want to help people recover their mobility and provide them with pain relief, a physical therapist is also an excellent career choice, regardless of gender. However, this position offers competitive wages for women, also revolving around $1,300 per week. A bachelor’s degree and a DPT degree are both required here, as well as a license. People with a DPT degree are certified doctors of physical therapy.


Software developer

Everything IT-related is extremely popular today, and the software developer is among the most lucrative positions in the field. As a rule of thumb, there is little or no regard for gender when it comes to this line of work. Essentially, software developers create and help create computer programs, so it’s fairly obvious how lucrative this position currently is. They are tasked with everything from analyzing users’ needs and designing applications to improving current software and writing code.

A median for female software developers is approximately $1,400 a week.


Marketing manager

These professionals are responsible for everything from developing to implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for a business, with the goal of generating leads and retaining existing customers. The daily tasks they engage in entail marketing coordination and management, being in charge of marketing research in the goal of uncovering the viability of products and/or services and cooperating with media organizations and advertising agencies. These experts are also in charge of media monitoring, and are usually outsourced from businesses that specialize in marketing management. Experienced professionals in this field earn an average of $1,500 per week



A chief executive officer’s job is to coordinate, plan and oversee all company operations. It is a widely known fact that this position is paid very well (a median of $1,500 on a weekly basis), but that it also involves extremely long work hours and a large degree of responsibility for a company’s success. What isn’t widely-known is the fact that most companies care less and less about gender when it comes to this lucrative position.


These seven professions are among the highest-paying jobs for women currently, and are likely to remain so throughout 2018. All of the mentioned positions, however, require a large degree of responsibility, dedication and expertise.