6 Incredibly Productive Things to Do Anytime You're Bored

"I'm bored." Something a lot of people seem to say on a daily basis as if it's a bad thing. The truth is - boredom is an absolute luxury! I actually get jealous when I hear people say they're bored, because I envy the excess amount of spare time they seem to have! I once read that 'boredom is a luxury' and I believe that statement is so true. Here's six things to do next time you feel 'bored'. 

.  .  .


1. Just sit and appreciate it. 

In the busy 21st century life, running around and forever connected, we rarely get time to ourselves. It's quite uncommon to have a moment to just sit, and ponder. This is why showers are so enjoyable - because you get a few minutes of uninterrupted time to think, without distractions. You ever noticed you come up with the best ideas in the shower? 

If you're bored, it means you have an opportunity to have one of those moments. Put down the phone, stop scrolling and just sit. Sit and think. It's a luxury! Savour it!


2. Learn something new. 

I'm addicted to learning - I absolutely love it. Reading, watching, studying, practicing.... I love it all. BUT! I'm often dealing with other tasks for so long, that I don't get to do it as much as I'd like. Whether it's reading a book, watching a video, even buying a course, this is an absolute MUST that you have to make time for. And if you're bored - now you've got the time! 


3. Review your goals.

People get so caught up in the 'grind' that they never review their life goals. This is dangerousbecause you could be wasting time doing something that doesn't get you to where you want to be. And one day you might wake up and realise you chased the wrong thing! Look at where you want to be, look at where you are now, and see if you're on track. If not - what needs to change?

Spending time with yourself is crucial to success. Whether you're bored or not - you should do this! 


4. Do those important but not urgent things. 

We always seem to make time for what's 'urgent' even if it's not a real priority and doesn't get us towards our goals. We just do it because it popped up. As a result, we often have a list of important, but not urgent things that we'll 'get to later'. But when is 'later'? Unfortunately for most of us, it's basically never. So when you're bored - now's a great time! 


5. Do that ONE thing you've been putting off. 

I probably should've started with this - but if you're bored because you're procrastinating - stop reading this and go do that thing!


6. Call someone you care about. 

We all know how much we love our family and friends, but we don't spend enough time telling them, just like those tasks you'll do 'later'. Whether it's a phone call, text message or even a visit - tell someone you care about that you care!

Time is a non-renewable source that we never get back. Having enough excesstime to be 'bored' is a true luxury! So don't waste it - next time you feel bored, do one of these 6 things and you'll be far better off than scrolling your news feed for hours! Until next time.