5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Today

Blogging. A powerful platform that anyone can do, with a stack of benefits. Here's why you should start a blog NOW. 

1. It's FREE!

Well it's not surprise this made number one! Blogging does so many great things for you, your business and your brand, and what does it cost you to set up? NOTHING! You can start your site with literally zero dollars. Put some content on there, do some design, and then you can spruce it up a bit later on. Even to buy a custom domain is incredibly cheap.

We all know how much I love Squarespace so I can't help but recommend starting it on this platform, but there are many other sites like Wordpress and Weebly. 

2. EVERYBODY Has Valuable Content to Write About.

Even if some of you might not think so, you are an expert at something. Whether it's a skill, a hobby or even just an interest, whatever your passionate about is worth writing down. If you're into rap music, if you love sneakers, fashion, if you love comic books, whatever it is, there are other people out there who are just as passionate as you. The weirder the better! Niche topics get a loyal following. What are you passionate about? Blog about it today!

If you're writing about something particularly niche that others aren't writing about, or you're doing it an area where it's not huge yet, you will gain a lot of attention locally. This leads to my next point.

3. It Builds Your Personal Brand & Following.

By blogging frequently about something that others are interested in, you'll soon be come the expert in your space. You'll be something people look up to, and even if you aren't selling anything yet, it gives you credibility for when you do want sell a product, or say something influential. It's your blog so you can write about whatever you like, and if you are knowledgable about your niche and you speak / write with passion, others will follow. I am a big believer of selling yourself, just as much as your brand, and blogging is a very powerful way to do this, by showing your personal side. If you're writing about something you know a lot about, you can put a lot of content out there, which is great.

If you want to take it seriously, it's a good idea to have a structure, particularly topics you want to write about, a schedule, targets you want to hit and also link up all your social media accounts which you can market your content through.

4. It Can Easily Turn Into a Business.

Once you've built a following like I mentioned above, you will be getting more and more traffic. Traffic = eyeballs = $. Whether you want to do website advertising, sponsored posts or have sponsored brands that pay you to mention them.

On this note, you can also repurpose content (some of my favourite words). Repurposing is turning your content into other mediums. A blog you can turn into a video, or a podcast, a Snapchat, even an Instagram post. By doing this you're really making the most out of your content to get the biggest reach possible. 

5. You Can Connect With Important People.

By simply being active in the space, you can connect with people higher up. You'll be surprised who actually reads your content. It's all about networking and reaching out to people. Again, once you build a following you can then partner or collaborate with those people to double the value you bring your readers, gain yourself more readers and potentially create yourself more revenue.


There's my top 5 reasons why I think you should start a blog. If you want to add or anything or you've got some comments, I'd love to hear from you! Comment below or hit me up on Twitter!


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