3 Step Guide to Actually Achieving Your Goals


Goal setting. Something a lot people do, but not enough people follow through with. In this article you’ll learn how to actually achieve your goals in just 3 simple steps.

Goal setting is a large topic, and it’s something that most people do, but unfortunately not enough people follow through on those goals. So I broke it down into three steps for how you can actually follow through with what you want to achieve both professionally and personally.

1. Set large goals.

This is important. Often the problem is not that we set goals that are too high and miss them, it’s that we set goals too low, and we hit them. It’s not fulfilling. It makes you think ‘is that it?’. This means you didn’t aim high enough. A goal is something that should excite you, something that should challenge you, something you strive for, and something that should PULL your towards it. Most of the time people force themselves to give up on smoking, or work out more. These are good, although it's not exciting because it's all about sacrifice. It is pushing you as opposed to a vision that will pull you towards it. Perhaps you goal is having a certain amount of money, a particular job, having the body you want buying a sports team, whatever it is, make it big and make it something excites you enough to make you get up in the morning.

When you have a massive goal, it forces you to work hard towards it, because you have to back up your own words. Like mine for example. I want to retire my family, travel tor world, be worth a minimum of 200 million dollars, be an investor and set up animal shelters all around the world. I better make every minute count!

2. See it everywhere.

Your goal needs to be drilled into your brain and be the reason you hustle. You need to see it EVERYWHERE. Write it down in your book, put it up on your wall, write it in the steam in the shower, have it as your phone background, put a piece of paper in your wallet, have it EVERYWHERE so you NEVER forget about it. My dreams are forever burned into my brain so I will never give up on them. You need to have tangible goals you can see, because then you can work towards it. If it’s just a thought floating around in your head, it won’t be nearly as effective. If you can see, in ink, your goal written in front of you, your brain will absorb it and by having your goal in your head all the time, your brain will pick up opportunities that help you get towards it.

Have you ever noticed when there is a new car you like, that you see it everywhere? This is the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain. The RAS picks up what you choose to notice, and consciously picks up on things you are interested in. Your brain cannot focus on absolutely everything because there is too much stuff, so it chooses what to take in. This is why you notice things you like. So when you have your goal always in your mind, every time there is an opportunity to help you get closer, you’ll now notice it, and think 'this is part of my world now, I need to take that in.'. Whether it’s meeting a potential mentor, finding a great book, recognising a potential customer… there are infinite examples but the point is that you will notice more opportunities with it always in your head.

3. Make long term decisions.

This is really important. When you have that clear vision in your head for where you want to be, you can make better decisions today. Here’s an example: Your friend asks you to go to a nightclub. You know you should be working. Think about it: Does going to the nightclub get me closer from where I am now to where I want to be? I would doubt very seriously that the answer is yes. You can then ask: Does putting in the work right now help me get from A to B? If the answer is yes, then you can get to work. (1 minute video about this below)

People truly underestimate the fact that what you do now, absolutely has an impact of your future self. Therefore, it is extremely important to make long term, educated decisions about how you spend your time and what you do with it. I have some people say:


‘who cares, being young is all about partying and having fun while you can. You don’t have the chance to do it when you’re older’

You know what else you don’t have when you're older? The time, the energy, the creativity, the lack of responsibility and low living expenses that you did when you were in your teens and twenties. Think about THAT. When you’re young you can run off 3 hours sleep, you can live off $50 a week, you likely have no kids, no house mortgage and you have SO MUCH TIME!!! Time in itself is a big enough reason for you to start working on your dreams early because you will get less and less of it as time goes on.

Anyway, back to the topic. Summary: Step one is to set large goals that excite you and force you to back up your own words. Step two is to see it everywhere, write it down so it’s drilled into your brain. Step three is to make long term decisions, to think about how you spend your time and taking a moment to decide whether your decision is helping you get from where you are now, to where you want to be.


With these three steps you will actually achieve your goals. I look forward to seeing your progress! 


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