Hear what some of our kick-ass members from The Exceptions have to say!

Mitch I think out of all the seminars I’ve been to and all the books I have read, the mentoring dinner was the most progress I’d made towards my dreams, so thank you for putting that together, it means a lot. It was so good to talk to like minded individuals to really get the ball rolling. Looking forward to the next one.
— Ben Aitcheson
The Exceptions is a great group to be apart of! I love that there are people in the group that offer support, advice and share their own experiences! I believe the dynamics of the group and everyone’s individuality work really well together. It also shows that there are people out there who genuinely want to help others for nothing in return. And that is what I believe is the most inspiring thing about The Exceptions!
— Tahlia Knowles. Founder of Beauty Compass.
I joined The Exceptions Network hoping to simply network with like minded young business people, but I found was much more. The Exceptions inspires me. From hearing from like minded young businessmen and women about their successes, what they do and how they do it, to the weekly newsletter, all one has to do is jump onto Facebook or check his/her emails and they can find what he or she needs. I’ve made some incredibly valuable connections since joining The Exceptions Network and look forward to what the future holds. Our world is in a lot of trouble both societally and ecologically, our generation will be the last, who can make a difference to this planet and networks like The Exceptions is a reason I believe young people can join together and work as one to overcome the challenges ahead. I hope to meet you soon.
— Josh Webber, Entrepreneur
After joining The Exceptions I have been able to expand my network tremendously. From communicating with savvy investors to passionate entrepreneurs, The Exceptions group is definitely one of the brightest groups of entrepreneurs and like minded people based in Brisbane. Being part of The Exceptions to me, means being part of a big team and knowing we are all here to change the world. Because as the motto goes ‘We weren’t just born to pay bills and die’.
— Ben Aitcheson, Entrepreneur / Investor
Being a member of The Exceptions network has been such a rewarding and positive experience! Since joining, I have already broadened my knowledge within the world of business, improved my entrepreneurial skills and have been motivated even more to pursue my dream career and goals. It is such a privilege to be able to surround myself with so many like-minded and determined people!
— Jacqui Quach, Entrepreneur
For me personally, being apart of The Exceptions has helped significantly with my aspirations and goals. Along with constantly learning from the frequent content and networking with like minded individuals, it also has a way of holding you accountable and serves as a constant reminder to keep progressing to whatever it is you are looking to achieve.
— Jai Marshall, Entrepreneur.
The Exceptions Network pushes me to keep developing my skills and continuing to grow. The content provided, is content that can be acted on and used to improve the quality of your life, both in business and personally. Through different articles, and through other members of the community, I’ve been able to apply these things to my life. Don’t get confused though. This is not for those happy to settle for mediocrity. This is for those that want more for them selves.
— Guy Baseby, Entrepreneur.
I’ve been involved with the exceptions network for quite some time now and I have discovered that the community is a wonderful support system and can help develop skills in almost all areas of life. From learning to save money, how to handle my state of mind, to understanding the power of networking and the benefit you can get from helping others out is more than I had ever expected. The Exceptions definitely has something for you! Whether you want to develop your personal skills, grow your business and make something totally new, the group definitely has a lot of people from different industries that can probably give you some insight and tips in order for you to make your decision. These are only a few things that I have picked up through my experience and I’m sure you’ll discover a lot more than I have through the articles published. I am definitely grateful to be involved in such a community.
— Renz Primacio, Entrepreneur.